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Hi there! I'm Crystal, and I love helping moms live simpler, more intentional lives.

I was blessed to grow up in a very clutter-free home. My mom taught us the beauty and practicality of keeping our kitchen countertops cleaned off, she was the one who first inspired me to have annual β€œClear Out the Clutter Challenges,” and she encouraged me to keep life simple so I could focus on the most important things.

My family has since adopted that lifestyle, and we couldn't be more grateful. While I know how much of a difference this has made in our own lives, I also know that the process of decluttering and organizing can be REALLY intimidating (where do you even start?!). So, I sat down to write out the exact system I've been following for YEARS (so I know it works!), and now I am so thrilled to come alongside you and help you get that freshness and freedom in your own home!

I hope you enjoy this FREE sample week of 10 Weeks to a More Organized Home!

This will give you a sneak peek into how I maintain a decluttered, organized home (with 6 kids under our roof!) β€” and EXACTLY how you can do the same!