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Hi there, I'm Crystal, and I love helping moms learn how to save money & feed their families on a budget.

When my husband and I first married and were living on a beans-and-rice budget in order to stay out of debt while he went through law school, I thrived on coming up with creative ways to pinch pennies.

One way I got creative & helped us save thousands of dollars during those lean years was coming up with simple, easy meals at home. It's safe to say I got really good at being smart & strategic with our groceries. 😁 (At one point, our grocery & household products budget was only $35/week!)

Fast forward 20+ years (and six kids!) later, I've taught millions of people those same money-saving strategies, and I can't WAIT to help you do the same with these budget-friendly recipes that we STILL use today to keep our grocery budget low for our family of eight!

I hope you enjoy this FREE sample week of 10 Weeks of Money Saving Menus!

All of the recipes included are ones that we've relied on for YEARS to help us save money, eat at home, and spend more time around the dinner table as a family.