Want to put your household tasks on autopilot?

Stop getting buried by all of your household to-do's! Save your sanity and streamline your days with these FREE Simplified Home Checklists!

Keeping up with your household tasks -- just little by little -- is one of the EASIEST ways to reduce your everyday overwhelm.

(And psst...I can help you with that! 😄)

Here's what you'll get with your FREE Simplified Home Checklists:

  • A printable pack of THREE household checklists: One for daily/weekly household tasks, one for monthly/quarterly household tasks, and one for annual household tasks. ✅
  • TWO versions of the checklists: One set for those who are at home most of the day and one set for those who aren't! You'll receive both, so use whichever pack works better for you. 🤩
  • An EASY plan where I walk you through how to use the lists AND customize the lists for YOUR needs! 👏

Friend, you're going to love these checklists! 👉 👉 👉 I've tried to think of of every common, necessary task for taking care of your home...WITHOUT the overwhelm!

With The Simplified Home Checklists, you'll finally be able to:

  • Give your brain a break from remembering all your regular daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annual household tasks! 😅
  • Feel the satisfaction of checking things off as as you go! (And, the get the relief of knowing you're able to care for your home little by little, rather than letting things constantly pile up!)
  • Save time making (and remaking 🙄) the same to-do lists with the same regular tasks again and again.

Stop reinventing the wheel each day, start moving smoothly through all your regular to-do’s, and free up time for more of the things that matter to you!

Hi there! I'm Crystal, and I love helping moms simplify the process of taking care of their homes so that they have more time for what matters most.

Much like you, I’m sure -- I wear A LOT of hats. I am a wife, mom to 6 kids, and full-time business owner.

I am pretty sure you will get me when I say that as a busy Mom, staying on top of allllllllll the regular household tasks can feel like a never-ending job!

I've found that the more I streamline my to-do's, the easier it is for me to ENJOY the day -- both the simple AND big moments of life with my family! I've learned that getting all of my regular household tasks out of my head and down on paper is one of the SIMPLEST and most effective ways to do this!

So, I created The Simplified Home Checklists to help me take care of all those necessary to-do's, and now I'm sharing them with YOU (for free! 🎉 ) to hopefully help make YOUR life easier, too!

Get these FREE Simplified Home Checklists to start saving time AND your sanity on household tasks!